Clock-on-Desktop 2010.2: Clock-on-Desktop is a fully customizable clock with skins, alarms and sounds.

Clock-on-Desktop 2010.2

Clock-on-Desktop is a fully flexible and highly customizable clock for desktop with skin and sound support. It has a rich set of options and managements and this clock will look fine on your desktop.It can display unlimited differently looking clocks in different GMT timezones. Each clock can show any timezone you require. It has more than 50 skins: classic clocks, modern clocks, transparent clocks, Vancouver 2010 olimpic clock and much more.

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Personalised Clocks 2008 Personalised Clocks 2008, create amazing PERSONALISED GIFTS everytime!

Personalised Clocks 2008

Personalised Clocks 2008, print high quality personalised clocks using any standard inkjet or laser printer (no special paper required), choose from many different backgrounds or import your own photographs to produce the perfect gift for friends & family or even to start your own business! * Free wall clock with every order * Create unique personalised clocks within seconds * Free Product Updates for LIFE!

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WireChanger 3.7.0

Wallpaper changer with desktop clocks and notes. Designed for big collections! Smart wallpaper changer, which can do the magic with your background image via customizable templates (interactive calendar, picture mixer, memo pad and more) with all popular options. Your desktop can be enlivened with real digital or analog clocks (from huge ColClocks collection) and clickable sticky notes. Built-in support for all major image formats and archives

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ClockSmith Lite 1.0.3: Plays the Westminster chimes quarterly and tolls the hour

ClockSmith Lite 1.0.3

ClockSmith Lite plays the Westminster chimes and tolls the hour. The chimes can be configured to play quarterly, every half hour, hourly, or they can be turned off. The tolling of the hour also has an on/off switch. ClockSmith Lite has its own volume control allowing you to configure it to provide a gentle reminder of the time, to be heard clear down the hall, or anywhere in between. ClockSmith Lite is small and efficient and will happily run in

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PresenTense NTP Auditor 3.7: Monitors and logs your computer`s clock compared to the TRUE time. Time auditor.

PresenTense NTP Auditor 3.7

clocks lose or gain time so within a few days, your computer does not show the real time. Many software packages claim to synchronize your computer to atomic clocks or satellite clocks on the internet but how do you really know that your computer`s clock is correct? PresenTense Auditor allows you to monitor and record your computer`s time and graph the difference between it and up to three national reference clocks on the internet. PresenTense NTP

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Time Flies 1.6: Teach Children How to Read Analog Clocks In an Ever Increasing Digital World…

Time Flies 1.6

Time telling... An essential skill for everyone! A skill which can be mastered with the aid of Time Flies! Time Flies is an educational tool for children & adults who are having difficulties reading analog clocks in an ever increasing digital world. The main focus of is to teach children how to quickly and properly read analog clocks as well as reading both 12 & 24 hour based digital clocks. Included are 4 activities and 3 printable worksheets.

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Trouts Talking Internet Clock 2.3: Desktop and Time Zone Clocks, Scheduler, Time Synchronizer.

Trouts Talking Internet Clock 2.3

Clocks and Time Servers or set it offline. Automatically adjusts for daylight savings. The list of 50 or so NTP Servers is fully editable. * See what time it is somewhere else in the World - up to extra individual 10 Time Zone Clocks * Clocks can be any Shape, Size, Color, Effects... * Dynamic Icons -Trout`s Internet Clock`s icons are functional clocks. Including, of course, the one on the system tray. * Scheduling of Events - reminders, multimedia

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FRS Clocks and Time 2.0: Learn to tell time through practice.

FRS Clocks and Time 2.0

Get a head start learning to tell through practice with FRS Clocks and Time.

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The Broadcast Clock Creator 3.0: Create professional quality broadcast show clocks quickly and easily.

The Broadcast Clock Creator 3.0

Clocks. -Easily Add, Remove, Insert and Adjust Segments. -Custom Colors and Fonts for Text and Segments. -Modify the Styles, Layout and Appearance. -Adjust Comments Inside or Outside of the Clock. -Add and Modify Text Boxes. -Insert Images and Logos. -Export to PDF and Image File for Websites. -Save Clocks for Future Use. ...and more! Program changes can occur quickly and The Broadcast Clock Creator was developed by a broadcaster with day to day

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CLOX 2000 7.2: A suite of clocks and other timekeeping tools, timezone clocks, alarms and more.

CLOX 2000 7.2

A suite of analog and digital clocks CLOX 2000 harnesses the power of the internet to bring the current time from all over the world to your desktop. It also works without an internet connection if you prefer. Features and free plugin accessories include analogue and digital clocks, world maps for setting time zones and tracking night and day, countdown timers, a stopwatch, alarm, calendar, automatic time correction, live newsflashes and more.

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